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We all know horses are amazing animals, like none other. The American Quarter Horse made it possible for settlers to thrive in the American Wild West. It was a primary asset for our ambitious ancestors who sought to create a brighter future for their families and future generations. We are those future generations. By proxy, these strategically-bred Quarter Horses produced by our breeding program are a part of YOUR heritage, too.

We are creating the basis of the most impactful equine educational initiative in the world. We intend to help college students work, grow, and learn in real world ranching environment. Ranching characteristics of grit, patience, commitment, and care will transform these students’ lives forever. Now, with your help, this treasured herd of Quarter Horses will become a critical component to a unique equine program at Sul Ross University.

The students who stand to benefit from this gift from the Fred G. Gist Memorial Foundation are among the nation’s brightest, but they have faced their own challenges. Many are first-generation college students within their families and a large portion of them are from low socio-economic environments. This program is set to jettison them to another level within the equine industry through the rapidly growing ranch horse market through courses in genetics, reproduction, training, and conditioning.

If you are the type of person who really cares about America’s horse-drawn history and learning from our past to improve upon our future, then we NEED YOUR support.

If you care deeply about transforming the lives of others in big ways, then we NEED your support.
If you value providing unique learning experiences that can influence the path of future generations, then we most certainly NEED your support.

The bottom line is, if you care about preserving and promoting OUR heritage, then we need your help now!

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